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11th Month Warranty Inspection

If you have just purchased a newly built home direct from the builder you probably feel confident that everything has been inspected and completed correctly and to the highest standard. The builder will usually offer up to a one year warranty that covers any problems with the construction build itself. During this first year, while your home is still under warranty is the best time to have an independent inspection done to find building mistakes. These mistakes can be sent in a report to the builder to cover the cost of the repairs are per the terms of the warranty. Be sure to take advantage of the warranty that is offered and have your newly built home inspected without delay.

Why Do I Need A Builder Warranty Inspection?

The thought that your home is brand new and doesn’t need an inspection within the first year is false. The builder will not have made any mistakes intentionally but things can easily get overlooked; especially with all the components that go into the building of a house. The many contractors that had a hand in the building of your home could have made errors that will only get worse over time. These mistakes, if left unrepaired can turn into bigger problems and end up causing you stress and inconvenience; and costing you more money out of your pocket later on. It’s best to let the builder cover the costs of problems while they are detected early and can be repaired quickly and easily!

What Does the Commercial Property & Home Inspector Look For?

Cypress Home Inspections offers a full service, top to bottom, builder warranty inspection. 

We will be able to check all the systems in the home including:
– Heating and Central Air Conditioning Systems
– Plumbing Connections and Fittings
– Electrical Outlets, Wiring and Panels
– Lighting
– Attic
– Insulation
– Floors
– Windows and Doors
– Drywall, Walls and Ceilings
– Fireplace and Chimneys
– Roofing
– Gutters and Downspouts
– Foundation
– Drainage
– Decks and Wood Structures
– Appliances

All of these areas will be looked over and reviewed for any and all manufacturer defects as well as installation mistakes. The building inspector will test to be sure that all systems are working the way they were intended and check for any dangers as well. Our office will expedite a report that can be sent to the home builder to start the process of having these repairs done under the warranty.

If you have purchased a home and are still under the builder warranty, call Cypress Home Inspections today to have your home inspected from top to bottom.

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