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This service is intended to identify areas of high moisture content in the substrate and framing.

What is included?

-Stucco Type Verification.

(Hard Coat Stucco or EIFS)


-Potential areas of moisture intrusion.


-Areas that need repair or improvement.


-Probing of areas of concern to verify moisture intrusion.


-Probing known weak areas of the material.

(window sills, kick-out flashing, lower wall sections, and more)


-Use of specialized probing tools built for these tests.

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 Small (up to 1/8”) holes will be placed in the areas of concern to conduct this intrusive inspection. Every effort will be made to hide the probe holes. These holes will be sealed after the test is conducted with an appropriate sealant that best matches the stucco color.


Seller’s permission is required.

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