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This service is intended to identify and document whether or not the substrate and framing material behind the Stucco / EIFS has above normal moisture content levels and wood deterioration.

  1. Stucco Type Verification. (Hard Coat Stucco or EIFS)

  2. Potential areas of moisture intrusion.

  3. Areas that need repair or improvement.

  4. Probing of areas of concern. (verify moisture intrusion)

  5. Use of specialized probing moisture meters designed for this type of inspection.

What is included?

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Small (1/8”) holes will be placed in the areas of concern to conduct this intrusive inspection.

Every effort will be made to hide the probe holes.


These holes will be sealed after the test is conducted with an appropriate sealant that best matches the stucco color.


Owner / Seller’s permission is required.


Repair Cost Per Square Foot

  • Basic Hairline Cracks, Holes, Chips & Repainting  $8 – $30

  • Multiple Large Cracks, Foundations, Chimneys  $30 – $50

  • Extensive Repairs, Water Damage, Foundation Damage  $60 – $120

Prices depend on the extent of damage discovered during an inspection.

To get an accurate quote for your project, consult with local stucco contractors in your area.

Stucco siding is durable and lasts upwards of 50 years if properly maintained.

Repairs should be addressed immediately to avoid additional damage to your home.

Removing the damaged stucco and reapplying a new coat requires an experienced professional.

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