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Spectora Template

Residential Home Inspection

The price of this template is $299
This should pay for itself after 1 inspection.

  • New Construction Punch List

  • Sewer Scope (Video Plumbing) 

  • Pool / Spa 

  • Mold Testing

  • Crawlspace 

  • Infrared / Moisture Meter

  • Wood Destroying Insects

  • Pest / Rodents 

The Cypress 3.0 template

includes everything listed below.

Including ancillary services.​


How this works?

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Once payment has been received, you will have this template within 24 hours. 

Lifetime of Free Updates!!

Please like the “Cypress Template” page on Facebook for further information and future updates.

This template meets Louisiana's S.O.P.s

Disclaimer: It may not meet every state's or organization's S.O.P.s

As a southern Louisiana inspection this template will not cover basements, boilers, snow concerns, etc.

Recommend adding any additional information from other templates to best suit your area.

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